Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lost's original "outline" revealed how the show changed

Lost fans are buzzing over the leak of the original outline of the show presented to ABC after the pilot was completed. It is dated May 5, 2004, and the outline breaks down plans for the characters and explains the approach to the show. It also revealed major storylines the show producers planned to use in the first couple of seasons.

Many are pointing out that the outline proves there was no real plan on how Lost was supposed to end. However, you cannot just point to this outline, which likely circulated around ABC executives and staff. If there was a plan in place, Bad Robot would likely not have put it in a document that could have been easily leaked while the show was on.

Instead, the outline gives character breakdowns and a general idea of the show direction and major points, including the "Monster" and the use of a submarine, both of which changed from what they initially planned early on. I don't blame them for not sticking to certain plans, especially so early on. Regardless, it is a very interesting read.

To see the outline for yourself, click this link, which has the outline in PDF form. You can also download it for your personal use.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy birthday, Michael Emerson!

Happy birthday to the awesome Michael Emerson, who turns 59 today! Can't wait to see him again in another season of Person of Interest!