Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who holds bunny #15?

His orientation films haunt us in our dreams! Edgar Halliwax - or whatever his name is now - is coming to the cubicles of Lost fans everywhere in bobble head form this January. He comes perched atop a Dharma logo and comes complete with his Dharma coat and numbered rabbit. Get yours now before there is an...incident. To place a pre-order for yours, click here.

That Faraday has a big head....

Daniel Faraday gets the bobble head treatment, complete with his notebook and little rat! You can place your order now to get your little Faraday in time for the season premiere in January. To pre-order one, click here.

How old is this guy?

Wow...never thought I'd see this. Hitting store shelves in time for the season premiere in January is a bobble head of everyone's favorite eye-lined Other, the mysterious Richard Alpert! It also works for fans of Suddenly Susan! To pre-order yours now, click here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sun!

Happy birthday to Yunjin Kim, who turns a youthful 36 today (Nov. 7)!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

J.J. goes "Undercovers"

J.J. Abrams is getting behind the camera for TV again, for the first time since he directed an episode of "The Office" a few seasons back. He is directing the pilot for "Undercovers," a drama about two married spies, for NBC. Abrams also directed pilots for "Alias" and "Lost" as well as the HBO drama "Anatomy of Hope." No air date has been announced.