Sunday, March 6, 2011

Matthew Fox on the London stage

Matthew Fox is getting away from TV and movies by taking to the London stage. He is currently preparing for a role in "In a Forest Dark and Deep," a new play Neil LaBute. Fox will play a brother to a character played by Olivia Williams, who together explore their troubled relationship while at a rural cabin. In an interview with the London Observer, he again said he was done with TV. "I'm never going to do another TV series. People have interpreted that as arrogance, as if I saying I'm destined to have a film career, but that's not it. I just won't have another six-year relationship with a massive conglomerate, one that tells me how high to jump."

Williams also said she was asked to audition for Lost, but she would have had to commit to at least five years on the show and move within 24 hours to Hawaii. She decided against it.

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